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Environment Canada Fact Sheet On Phase-Out of Halons

Environment Canada has asked us to inform our members and others about these new regulatory requirements:

Attached is an Environment Canada fact sheet with important information about the Phase-out and Disposal of Halons in Fire-extinguishing Systems in Canada

This fact sheet aims to inform owners of halon fire-extinguishing systems and personnel servicing these systems of the phase-out requirements and disposal options for these systems in Canada.

NOTE: Phase-out provisions, which come into effect Jan.1, 2010, regarding re-charging halon fire-extinguishing systems may apply to your situation. Please review the attached Halon Fact Sheet to learn more about these provisions.

The information included in this fact sheet will be of particular interest to those in the following categories:

  • Owners of fire-extinguishing systems using halons
  • Companies and their technicians servicing systems using halons
  • Companies holding halons in storage
  • Companies insuring buildings that have halon systems

Please note this fact sheet focuses on Halon usage in particular. Other halocarbons used in fire-extinguishing systems (including, but not limited to, FM-200, FE-13, and FE-25 which are HFCs and CEA-410 and CEA-614 which are PFCs) are also regulated under the Federal Halocarbon Regulations, 2003 and/or the provincial and territorial halocarbon regulations. Please consult the specific regulations that apply to your operations to learn more about other prohibition dates and restrictions.

We encourage you to distribute this fact sheet to your contacts both within and outside of your organization across Canada who may find this information useful.

Thank you

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