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Executive Committee

The current Executive Committee of the SFPE is:

PresidentSamir EidnaniCFT Engineering

Past President

Bob HeikkilaCFT Engineering

Vice President

Henning WhiteMorrison Hershfield Ltd


Jeff MitchellGHL Consultants Ltd


Kieran AgerJensen Hughes

Program Coordinator

Patrick MulherinJensen Hughes

City of Vancouver Liaison

 City of Vancouver

Publicity Coordinator

Mark Roozbahani

Member at large

John IvisonJohn Ivison & Associates Ltd.

To send an e-mail to all members of the executive mail executive<at> The executive committee holds a meeting approximately once a month during the regular year, generally before a chapter meeting. The executive are responsible for conducting the day-to-day business of the chapter and for organizing chapter events. All members are welcome to come to an executive meeting to see what we do and find out if you would be interested in participating on the executive. Please contact the President to be informed of the next executive meeting. If you would like to actively participate in the executive we are always interested in volunteers. Please contact the Past President to be considered for nomination to the executive committee.

In addition to the executive committee the following committees need membership participation.

1. Awards Committee - This committee is responsible for recommending members to national SFPE for consideration as fellows. It is also responsible for determining any chapter awards for chapter members that may be appropriate. This committee is to be chaired by the past president and is to consist of 3 to 8 chapter members who are willing to establish guidelines for the chapter to nominate someone to be considered for SFPE fellowship and then determine who in our chapter should be nominated. To volunteer for membership in this committee please contact James Blake.