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The SFPE Research Roadmap/ SFPE Foundation expansion

Recently the SFPE Subcommittee on Research & Innovation unveiled the SFPE roadmap that identifies the future research needs for the fire safety engineering profession.

As the Chair of this SFPE research group Peter Senez will outline the current plans for FPE research going forward as articulated in the SFPE Research Roadmap as well as provide recent updates proposed.  

Key factors that ensure the success of this living research roadmap include obtaining global feedback and ensuring transparency.  Data for the roadmap was also obtained from the IAFSS Workshop “Better Linking Fire Safety Science and Fire Safety Engineering Research Priorities for Fire Safety Engineering” that was held at the 2017 IAFSS conference in Lund Sweden. To date over 370 fire safety engineers, researchers and educators participated in this survey including members from the IAFSS.

As part of this presentation Peter will run an open forum to get input from the group on what research would be helpful for the practitioners in Canada.

This discussion on the SFPE Foundation mandate and awards will deal with current research projects and the types of projects that can be supported through the Foundation.

The following research topics are currently identified as highest research priorities:

  • Human Behavior – Data on demographics related to vulnerable populations, anthropometry and cultural differences
  • Building Fires – Standardization of design fires and analysis approaches
  • Resilience/Sustainability – Environmental impact of fire and fire suppression systems
  • Fire Service – Smart firefighting
  • Fire Dynamics – Practical models for extinction/reignition, suppression, underventilated combustion, and glass breakage
  • Fire Safety Systems – Impact of ITM requirements on system reliability
  • Forensics/Investigations -- Improved guidance for quantifying measurement and calculation uncertainty
  • Wildland/WUI Fires -- Risk assessment of WUI & structures
  • Non-Building Fires – Energy Storage

Date:  November 6, 2018
Time: Registration and Reception 5:30pm
Location: False Creek Yacht Club (1661 Granville Street)
Cost: Members - $35; Non-members $40. Please bring cash or a cheque payable to BC Society of Fire Protection Engineers to cover the cost of dinner.
Registration Deadline: November 2, 2018

Free parking is available in the Yacht Club parking lot.

Start date: 
Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - 17:30

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