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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Engineering Consultants for WUI Fire Property Risk Assessment & Mitigation Project

SFPE recently received a FEMA Fire Prevention & Safety Grant to create a virtual handbook using engineering-based resources to support firefighters and fire departments operating in the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI). Current WUI property fire risk assessments are often based on simple checklists that don’t provide fire departments with the flexibility they need to make informed recommendations on assessment and mitigation in the field. Moreover, fire departments around the United States vary greatly in their experience of fire hazards in the WUI. The aim of this project – “Beyond the Checklist – A Virtual Handbook of Engineering Resources for WUI Property Fire Risk Assessment and Mitigation” – is to develop a virtual handbook of engineering-based resource materials to support fire department WUI property fire risk assessments and recommended mitigation strategies for use in the field.

SFPE & SFPE Foundation are seeking an experienced Technical Engineering Consultant to lead the development of the virtual handbook of engineering-based resources and tools for fire departments to use in the field. The Consultant will work with SFPE Staff and the Project Advisory Panel to:

  • Organize and moderate a virtual workshop for fire departments to unearth best practices
  • Draft a beta version of the virtual handbook
  • Pilot the handbook in the field with two fire departments
  • Conduct site visits and measure risk reduction potential utilizing the two pilot departments as test cases
  • Revise the virtual handbook based on feedback
  • Work with SFPE staff to adapt the handbook for a mobile platform that can be used by firefighters in the field, and
  • Develop a one-hour webinar to train fire departments in how to use the virtual handbook tool.

Review the full RFP here.

Up to $55,000 (USD) may be awarded. Complete project proposals are due by 1:00 pm, EDT, October 27, 2021.

We welcome proposals from groups or individuals. Email Dr. Leslie Marshall, Foundation Director, with submissions or inquiries at