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Professional Perspective on Reviews and Site Assessment of Firestopping Installations

Over the years there has been many advances in firestopping technology; however in some instances there is still lack of available firestop systems; and in other instances firestop systems are misused or installed incorrectly.  In addition, there are cases where Code requirements with respect to firestopping is not clear, where professionals have to make judgement call with respect to the level of protection required or suitability of the system proposed.

In this presentation Khash Vorell of GHL will cover the following:

  • Background and importance of firestopping.
  • Conditions where Codes are not clear if firestopping is required.
  • Who takes professional responsibility for firestop installations?
  • Most common deviations observed in firestop installations
  • Options where there is lack of available firestop systems or when deviations occur.
  • Project specific firestop system testing.
  • Engineering Judgements and Alternative Solutions.
  • Firestopping of Mass Timber.

Speaker Bio:

Khash Vorell is a Professional Engineer with 20 years of experience in Building Code consulting and Fire Protection Engineering.  Khash holds a master’s degree in Fire Protection Engineering and bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from UBC.  He is an active member of EGBC; past Chair of the Building Codes Committee, and past board member of the Fire Protection Subcommittee.

Start date: 
Tuesday, November 23, 2021 - 12:00

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