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Investigating Existing Software Tools and Schema Integration into Existing BIM-to-FSE Workflows

This presentation is Part 2 of a research series from the SFPE Foundation, in conjunction with the SFPE NCR Chapter.



This webinar will talk about the findings from the “Fire Protection Engineering and BIM Integration” research project. The webinar will address three concepts including: software, data, and interoperability. The webinar will go over results from 35+ stakeholder interviews, the problems these stakeholders encounter, and suggestions for improvements to the software workflows. 

Speaker Bios

Leslie Marshall, Ph.D., Director, SFPE Foundation (she/her)

Leslie Marshall, Ph.D., is Director of the SFPE Foundation, a global non-profit organization affiliated with the Society of Fire Protection Engineers that supports research and education to improve the scientific understanding of fire and its interaction with the social, natural, and built environments. Dr. Marshall oversees all Foundation programs: facilitating professional awards, student scholarships, and research grants; leading cross-sectoral research collaborations; conducting research workshops and meetings; developing initiatives to support the next generation of fire protection engineers; and disseminating knowledge to advance the field of fire engineering and fire safety science. Dr. Marshall has published multiple policy reports and academic journal articles and frequently speaks on resilience and sustainability, equitable economic development, and infrastructure and workforce transition. She has consulted for the United Nations Development Programme, Innovations for Poverty Action, the Centre for Women in Governance, and the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies, among others

Stephen Roth, PE

Stephen is President and Chief Technology Officer of Carmelsoft, a company that creates and licenses mobile and cloud software that allow 100,000s of architects, engineers, technicians, and contractors to design more energy efficient buildings. Carmelsoft also develops customized engineering software for numerous Fortune 500 companies and other organizations in the building services industry. He serves as President of Green Building XML (, and organization that develops an open-source schema which allows almost 55 different BIM and building design software tools to share information, all in the name of designing more energy efficient buildings.

Stephen is also involved with ASHRAE and is current chair of ASHRAE SPC-224: An ANSI standard for “The Application of Building Information Modeling”.


Start date: 
Tuesday, December 5, 2023 - 12:00

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