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Code of Confidence: Decoding ASTM E2307 and understanding how it ties into the new 2024 BCBC requirements for Perimeter Fire Barrier Protection


DIV7 and STI Firestop is pleased to offer a comprehensive seminar on STI (Specified Technologies Inc) Perimeter Fire Barrier Systems. This instructional seminar builds on our field experience and testing expertise to redefine ULC-S115 - Standard for Firestop Systems to meet the new ASTM E2307 standard for Perimeter Fire Barrier Protection enacted into the 2020 NBC, 2024 BCBC and soon VBBL.

STI Seminar to discuss…WHAT, WHY and WHO

  • What happens now…a history of the events leading up to the necessary code changes and enacting of ASTM E2307. Where do we go from here.
  • Testing and field studies leading to the industry wide changes to non-rated Curtain Wall Assemblies and the ISMA
  • The design professional’s role with “Build” Enhancements required for CurtainWall Assemblies to meet ASTM E 2307 including stiffeners, back pan and anchoring requirements.
  • Safing insulation, clips and components to meet ASTM E2307
  • Installation & engineering support

Applications covered:

  • Perimeter Firestop of Curtain and Window Wall

Speakers Bio:

Andrew Jack - is the Territory Manager (Western Canada) at Specified Technologies, Inc. – STI Firestop. Andrew has over 15 years experience as a Firestop Project Manager, Estimator and installer in Western Canada. Andrew has been involved with some of Western Canada’s largest and most sophisticated projects in all sectors.

Tim Mattox – Sr. Engineering Manager at Specified Technologies, Inc. (STI Firestop). As a Senior Team Leader with STI, Tim has
over 25 years experience in Fire Containment, Firestop Product Development, Fire Resistance Testing, Standards Writing, Building
Codes, Air/Vapor Barriers, Air Leakage Testing, Wind Load Testing, Test Apparatus Design and Construction. LabView Programming

Start date: 
Tuesday, April 2, 2024 - 12:00

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