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StoryWood Works: Fire Performance and Alternative Solutions for Wood Structures Workshop James01 year 10 months ago
EventFire Protection and Passenger Safety on merchant and passenger vessels James01 year 10 months ago
StoryCity of New Westminster: Fire Protection Engineer James01 year 11 months ago
EventLife Safety Systems, Fire Department Intervention, and Residential Fire Outcomes: Analysis of 28 Years of BC Fire Incident Reports: 1988-2015 James02 years 3 weeks ago
StoryJensen Hughes - Forensic Engineer James02 years 1 month ago
EventEvacuation Modelling and Smoke Management Strategies in Rapid Transit Facilities James02 years 1 month ago
EventNFPA 101 Life Safety Code Essentials Classroom Training in Montreal James02 years 2 months ago
EventTraditional and Modern Firewalls in Construction James02 years 2 months ago
StoryAMEC Foster Wheeler Mining - Industrial Fire Protection Engineer James02 years 2 months ago
EventReliability of Automatic Sprinkler Systems James02 years 3 months ago
EventUse and Construction of Austrian Masonry Heaters – Back to the Future James02 years 7 months ago
EventFire Protection in Power Generation Facilities James02 years 8 months ago
StoryTyco Invite: Free Technology and Code Symposium on Jun 2, 2016 James02 years 9 months ago
EventApril 5: Effective strategies for assessment and processing of heritage improvement projects (panel discussion) James02 years 10 months ago
EventFire Protection of LNG facilities James02 years 11 months ago
EventJack Mawhinney, Reflections on 50 years of Fire Protection in Canada James03 years 1 week ago
EventSt Laurent Chapter: Industrial Special Hazard Fire Protection and Pumps for Fire Protection James03 years 2 weeks ago
EventCommunication and signalling protocols for fire alarm networks: design limitations and impact on the design/testing commissioning of the finished product James03 years 1 month ago
EventAssessing Risk and Public Fire Protection in Canadian communities. James03 years 2 months ago
EventApplications of CFD and Other Techniques to Large Fire Losses James03 years 4 months ago
StoryCity of Surrey: Plan Checker 4 - Plan review supervisor James03 years 8 months ago
EventFire stopping in Existing Construction- Challenges, Compromises and Realities??? James03 years 11 months ago
StoryCASA Sprinkler Seminars James03 years 11 months ago
EventTransformer Explosions James04 years 2 days ago
EventDust explosions James04 years 2 months ago