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Fire Protection and Passenger Safety on merchant and passenger vessels

Nigel Hastings has extensive experience as a ship’s engineer on merchant and passenger vessels, as well as a professional consultant inspecting vessels on behalf of both Lloyds Register and the International Classification Society. Nigel will present an overview of ship and passenger safety illustrated by slides of fires on ships and the regulatory outcomes of fires.

All Safety and Lifesaving Regulation changes come through the “International Maritime Organisation” (IMO), based in London, England. Input comes from the Shipping Community at large, (based on stakeholder interest including Class of Vessel, Flag States, Owners, Managers, Shipbuilders etc.). Nigel will include an overview of:
  • Nigel will provide valuable insight into maritime safety and the vessels we see in the Port of Vancouver as well as on our travels to different parts of the world.
  • Classification, World (IMO) and Flag State (Country) Regulations, as well as Safety/Security Management Systems and how they are promulgated and initiated.
  • Types of ships and configuration of engine rooms, galleys, accommodation and cargo carrying areas.
  • Survey requirements on vessels for Fire and Safety Aspects
  • Structural Fire Protection and construction of ‘fire proof’ boundaries.
  • Control of potential fire growth through use of non-combustible materials
  • Different Fire Detection and Suppression systems on ships
  • Operational readiness and Instructions for onboard training
  • Means of escape for crew and passengers 
  • Examples of fires on ships and regulatory outcomes.

Date:  February 28, 2017
Time: Registration and Reception 5:30pm
Location: False Creek Yacht Club (1661 Granville Street)
Cost: Members - $35; Non-members $40. Please bring cash or a cheque payable to BC Society of Fire Protection Engineers to cover the cost of dinner.
Registration Deadline: February 24, 2017

Free parking is available in the Yacht Club parking lot.

Start date: 
Tuesday, February 28, 2017 - 17:30

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